Street life lost in nature

Hi world!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time now. I just didn’t think I was capable of doing this (plus I wasn’t sure what to write about!). I’m a very simple girl that likes to show the world that things so simple can be very complex and beautiful. It is so important to be yourself and show what you love to do and talk about. I love photography! it takes me to a whole new level and it soothes my soul. I am not so interested on being a professional photographer, however, I want to show the world what’s out there and talk about it. Give you and I some inspiration.

On that note! let me show you my first image. This picture was taken at Breakneck in Cold Spring, NY. My girlfriend and I happened to be hiking and accidentally came across this abandoned building. We got lost for a an hour or so. However, on the way back we found this beauty. Abandoned building, graffiti and old construction came together. I love this picture because it shows me that not all things are beautiful at first sight. Had I not been curious and not paying attention to my surroundings because I was so focused on going back home, I wouldn’t have seen this.

Sometimes we walk by life, rushing with all the stress of daily living, that we don’t stop and appreciate things so simple. We don’t see the beauty on the unexpected. So take a deep breath, sit down and relax, and you’ll be surprised of the things you haven’t noticed before.


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